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August 2006 - A Crock Cook Newsletter 1
August 08, 2006
August 2006 - A Crock Cook Newsletter 1

Good Morning

Neil and I am very pleased to send you our first edition of "A Crock Cook".

(Remember asking us to send it to you at - it may have been sometime ago? We hope you remember and still want to receive it - if not you can find an unsubscribe feature at the bottom.)


New Taste Sensations

August must be the month for Pork.

  • Orange Roast Pork
  • - delicious.

  • Apple Ginger Pork
  • - stuffed roast pork one of my favorites.

  • Spiced Roast Pork
  • - inspired by Jamie Oliver.

  • Stuffed Roast Pork
  • - stuffed with pecans, good hot and great cold.

  • Spiced Lamb Shanks
  • - not too spicy but full of flavors.


    Crock Pot Inspirations - Thanks to YOU.

    Since I am no longer working full time (yah) - there will be heaps more action happening on

    Like, the new section we have just added - Visitor Recipes.

    Yep, these are recipes that you have sent us, that Neil and I have not had the chance to try.

    We'd love more. BUT please only send us your 'best' recipes, only the ones you really LOVE. (We want to keep unique in the world of cooking sites).

    Till next time.
    Enjoy Cooking but don't be a slave to it.

    Happy Crock Cooking
    Lisa "The Crock Cook"

    (PS Wait till you taste the Beer Beef Stew coming in the next issue.)

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