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A Crock Pot Beef Recipe should be easy, and these beef stew crock pot recipes are no exception.

This is our easiest beef crock pot stew recipe. It uses basic ingredients, that you probably already have in the cupboard or pantry.

And is ideal for when you are in an extra hurry.

You know, the mornings when you just know there won’t be time that night to cook and the budget can’t stretch to take-out (take-away) again.

  Beef Meal

Easy Crock Pot Beef Stew Recipe

  Vegetables Choose your favorite mix of vegetables from:-  
    Frozen - these cook up just fine, will be soft but still seem to hold together.  
    Canned - same as frozen. Though tin peas really loose their color and go a grey sort of color.  
    Pre-Cut - fresh, pre-cut from the super-market (for when feeling lazy).  
    Fresh - cut into about 1 inch square pieces. Feel free to prepare the night before.  
  Meat Choose cheap, inexpensive cuts. The ones that are tougher and benefit from the slow cooking.

Our favorite is what we call blade, round pieces of stewing meat full of gristle (the meat you would ordinarily ignore – but it cooks up a dream and the gristle goes soft and yummy).

Cut into bit size chunks or leave whole, doesn't really matter.
  Flavoring Your favorite flavor of tin soup. We usually choose a beef based one like ‘Minestrone’ or ‘Italian Meat and Veggies’.

Alternatively use one of those ‘Simmer Sauces’ – the ones you use for stir fry’s. We have found that the no name brand ones (which I don’t like in stir fry’s), work well and; they are cheap. Try ‘Honey Mustard’ – my favorite.
  Optional Extras Worcestershire Sauce - tablespoon or two
Soy Sauce - tablespoon or two
Tomato Sauce - tablespoon or two or more
Tin of Tomatoes.
Crushed garlic and/or ginger - teaspoon or two.
Herbs - best put in during last hour of cooking- teaspoon or two.
Salt and Pepper - added at end - to taste.
  DIRECTIONS Chuck the Veggies in first, put the meat on top and pour in the soup. That’s it. Nothing else.

Do not add any water, the enclosed slow cooking will retain heaps.

Add any of the optional extras.

Cook for about 4–6 hours on high OR 8–10 hours on low.
  Beef Recipe

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