Buying your new Crock Pot

So you want to Buy a New Crock Pot.

In order to Buy a Crock Pot successfully just keep these few tips in mind.

Neil and I both agree that if you want a general one for everyday - then buy the biggest crock pot you can.

Even if you are only cooking for one. As you can always freeze the left overs for an easy meal some other time.

If you are looking for a second one. Then maybe you would like a smaller one, so you can make dips and things OR maybe a large on for catering for parties.

Think about what your requirements will be.

My advice, is to make sure the crock in removable. This is a must when it comes to cleaning.

I just bought a slow-cooker (as we call them in Ireland) and am looking for ideas - your site is great! I'm especially interested in the breakfast and dessert recipes.

Many thanks for your advise. I definately plan to buy a crock pot now as I will mainly be using it for stews...

Where to Buy Your New Crock Pot?

You may like to try your local appliance store.

Alternatively there are several reputable suppliers on line. Neil and I like this shop for buying your crock pot at amazon on line.


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