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Our Copyright Recipe

If you are reading this it probably means you want to copy one of our articles.

Well, sure you can.

We just ask that:-

  • you do not use our material on any adult sites or sites that contain objectionable material

  • And

  • you give credit and a static link back to this site

Credit for Articles

By 'credit' we ask that you include the following link with any of the articles found here:-

Please ensure this is at the end of each article.

Happy Crock Cooking
Lisa - "The Crock Cook"
Crock Pot Recipes and everything else Crock Pot.

The html for this being:-

<p><b>Happy Crock Cooking</b> <br>Lisa - "The Crock Cook"</p> <p><b></b><br> <a href="">Crock Pot Recipes</a> and everything else Crock Pot.

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