Crock Pot BBQ Recipe

  Great idea with the coleslaw! Sounds wonderful!

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Crock Pot BBQ Recipe

Pork or Beef roast
White or yellow sweet Onion
(3) Bottles BBQ of choice
shredded cheese
Sesame Seed Hoagie Rolls
Cole Slaw

Empty (3) bottles of smoky BBQ sauce into crock pot.

Add roast (does not need to be un-thawed).

Turn crock on low heat and let simmer all day about (8) hours.

**Can add sliced onions the last hour of baking. .

Put hoagie buns under broiler for a minute to toast lightly.

Add pieces of pork or beef roast, plenty of the sauce and some onions to the bun.

Top with a spoonful of cole slaw and top with remaining half of bun.

Add cheese if you like.

Even the most inexpensive cuts turn out melt in your mouth tender!

** alternative is peel and slice onion and put in small pan and saute in butter until translucent and sweet

Julie C. (United States)


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