Crock Pot Corn Pudding Recipe

by Lorraine j Groenewold
(Manteno IL)

Visitor Recipe

Visitor Recipe

2 x 10 oz. (285g) cans whole kernel corn with juice
2 x 1-lb (500g) cans creamed corn
2 x boxes corn muffin mix
1 stick (1/4 lb)(125g) margarine
8-oz (225g) box sour cream

1. Combine all ingredients in slow cooker.

2. Cover. Heat on Low 2-3 hours until thickened and set.


Thanks for the great crock pot corn recipe.

I'm curious as to what is your favorite thing to serve it with?

Happy Cooking
Lisa "The Crock Cook"

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crock pot corn pudding recipe
by: Lorraine Groenewold

What I serve with the above is a turkey breast and sweet potatoes made in the crock pot

Sour Cream?
by: Charlie

Should the 8oz Box of Sour Cream actually be: 8oz Box of Cream Cheese?

I love Corn Pudding
by: Judi in Genoa, IL

This recipe turned out great! I usually like mine sweetened as I have another recipe with a bit of honey but I thought I'd try this one and this was just as good.
I served it with home made chicken enchiladas this time, next time I think I'll make it with chili. Good thing I have 2 Crock

Corn Pudding
by: LindaJ

I've made this for 15 years as a casserol and never have even thought to try the crockpot! The only difference is I substituted the original recipe ingredients for lighter ones. I use light sour cream and leave out the butter and add one egg equivelent in EggBeaters. I've passed this recipe along to most of the relatives and special friends, over the years, and will now tell them about your success in the crockpot! Thank you!

Question about corn bread mix
by: Dottie

Are the 2 boxes of corn bread mix the small Jiffy box size ? Thanks

Thanks so much.
by: Brenda Sissel

My sister always made corn pudding for Christmas and I needed a crockpot recipe for a funeral and she told me to check the google. I found your recipe and made it. My friend said everybody wanted to know who made the corn pudding, It was so good. I made it for them and we kept smelling it while it was cooking that my husband afterwards went and bought the ingredients so we can have some for ourselves. They all want me to make it for our church dinners now. Thanks so much. Brenda

Sour Cream
by: Judi

The recipe is right Charlie, it is Sour Cream not Cream Cheese in the other recipes I have for similar Corn Pudding recipes. Hope this helps.

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by: Anonymous

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Nice post NEW
by: Anonymous

It seems like a good recipe. I like pudding kind of recipes and have never tried this version of pudding with corn. Would like to try this one. Okay, you can have a look over this website to know more about the accredited online nursing classes.

very good NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks guys, found a lot of useful information to share with my friends

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