Crock Pot Peach Recipe

Stuffed Peaches

This is a Crock Pot Peach Recipe that I adapted out of a book from a baking recipe.

Using cnned fruit makes it extra quick and easy but you could use fresh peaches if you desired.

The first time I cooked this, I did it without the Marsala and it was - Ho-hum. But with the Masala it became a taste sensation.

Use the measurements as approximates.



Crock Pot Dessert Recipe - Stuffed Peaches

3 lb (1½kg) canned peach halves (or pears) in natural juice
1 tbls unsalted butter - soft
2 tbls soft brown sugar
2 oz (60g) macaroon biscuits
2 tbls marsala (or other favorite liqueur)
1. Drain the Peaches and use the juice for something else (Neil just drinks it).
2. Crush the biscuits - I use my mortal and pestle or a rolling pin.
3. Mix the butter, sugar and crushed biscuits together.
4. Place a teaspoon of mixture into the hollow of each peach. And place Peach, stuffed side up into the crock pot.
5. Line base of crock pot with the peach halves. Double stack if need be.
6. Pour the masala over the top of peaches.
7. Cook on low for 4 or on high for 2 hours.
    Serves 4-6

    Please use the masala, otherwise it will be bland.
    We have used both peaches and pears and equally happy with both.

    Serve with Cream and/or Ice-Cream


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