A Crock Pot Easy Recipe

If you are looking for the simplest, most basic, first-step crock pot easy recipes then this crock pot easy recipe index, is for you.

However, if you want easy but something a bit more advanced then look at our entire crock pot recipe index. (We have cooked every recipe here and all are fantastic).

Crock Pots are Fantastic. Not only is cooking with them so easy but they provide heaps of other benefits — take a look.

Advantages of Using a Crock Pot

Saves Money – the slow cooking is ideal for tenderising meat, so the cheap cuts of meat work a treat.

Enhances Flavours – a long cooking time, low heat and sealed environment allows all the flavours time to mingle and develop.

Saves Time – put the food in the crock pot in the morning, go to work and it will be done when you get home.

Saves on Cleaning – one pot cooking reduces the number of pans used and thus less cleaning (this has to be a good thing :-)

An extra appliance – often overlooked, but use the crock pot when hosting a party, to free up more space in the oven or cook top.

Less Wastage – due to the low heat coming from the sides of the pot, there is little chance of burning dinner (even if you are several hours late).

More about Crock Pots

Interested in history? Then check out how the Rival Crock Pot® came into existence.

Read about what a crock pot actually is and how it differs from a slow cooker.


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