Crock Pot Green Beans

I recently got the following email:-

"I've looked everywhere for this.
When cooking fresh green beans in a crock pot, how much water should be used? Low or High and how long?" SK

To which I replied:-


Thanks for the email.

Well, I took a look in a couple of my books and even a vegetarian crock pot cook book and cannot find any one cooking green beans.

If you want to cook them in a stew or something just prepare as normal and put in but if you just want to cook a big pot full of green beans.... you will need to experiment.

I would suggest using enough water to almost cover, and on low for a couple of hours (check every hour???) - see how that goes. If at the end there is heaps of liquid, reduce next time.

Sorry I could not be more helpful. Please let me know how you get on so we can share it with others.

Regards Lisa "The Crock Cook"

A few days later SK wrote back:-

Thank you. That is exactly what I did. Put them in, covered with water, cook on high for about four three hours and they were wonderful.

And a few days later:-

Lisa: I just cooked them again today. I didn't mention the 'key' ingredient, which is a couple of small 2x2 squares of salt pork. I also throw in a pinch of sugar. My Mother said to always add that to any fresh veggie. This time I didn't quite cover them with water and they had even more flavor.


Visitor Recipe
Crock Pot Green Beans Recipe
quantity of fresh green beans
a couple of small 2x2 squares of salt pork
a pinch of sugar

Put them in the crock pot, covered with water, cook on high for about 3 or 4 hours.


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