Crock Pot Lamb Roast Recipe

Using basic ingredients, that you probably already have in the cupboard or pantry. This Crock Pot Lamb Roast Recipe is easy and always tastes sensational.

We ALWAYS cook our roasts in the Crock Pot. The timing is not critical and if you are running late (which we often seem to be) by an hours or so, it won’t be ruined. It won't burn, even if left for hours longer than it should be, the meat will just be a bit dry (just cover with gravy and no one will notice).

The crock pot is ideal for roasts and as I said we do all of our roasts in it. Just remember veggies on the bottom and meat on top. If you like your veggies crunchy then, I recommend you do them in the oven instead. They can be cooking while you make up a gravy.


Easy Crock Pot Lamb Roast Recipe

Lamb Roasting Piece IMPORTANT Choose a piece of lamb that is going to fit in the pot.

We usually choose a lamb leg.

Vegetables Cut into inch size pieces and put in the Crock Pot first. Choose any vegetable you would normally roast. They will not be crispy, but soft and take on the flavor of the meat.

Optional Extras We generally add something else to enhance the lamb flavor. However you don't have to add anything if you don’t want.

  # 1 1 tablespoons butter mixed with 1 teaspoon of ‘Roast Lamb Seasoning’ (mixture of rosemary, oregano, mint leaves, clove and garlic)- and rub over raw meat.
  # 2 1 tablespoons butter mixed with 1 teaspoon of garlic - and rub over raw meat.

DIRECTIONS Place vegetables (if cooking) in first then put the meat in the pot - rub on butter and extras if required. And that’s it. Nothing else to do or add.

Cook for about 4–6 hours on high OR 8–10 hours on low.

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