Crock Pot Vegetables Recipe

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This creamy crock pot vegetable recipes dish was so easy to make and so delicious.

As always the crock pot makes life so much easier. Just put all the ingredients in and walk away.

Use a mixture of your own favorite vegetables and serve either on it's own if you want a vegetarian meal or do what we did and serve as a side dish to steak.


Creamy Vegies

3 potatoes, medium
1 sweet potato*, medium
1 large onion
15oz (420g) can of four beans
12fl oz (375 ml) can of evaporated milk
pinch salt and pepper
1 Chop the potatoes, sweet potato and onion into ½ inch chunks.
2 Put them in the crock pot along with the beans.
3 Add salt and pepper.
4 Pour milk over vegies.
5 Cook on low for 6-8 hours.
Use what ever Vegetables you like.
If you increase the quantities, you will need enough milk to just about cover all the vegetables.
We served this with steak - delicious crock pot meal.
*Sweet Potato or Yam - dark skin with bright orange flesh.

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