Crock Pot Vegetable Soup

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Home made soup is delicious and this crock pot vegetable soup is easy.

When making your own crock pot vegetable soup, use what ever vegetable you have on hand and that you like the taste of. I always like to include pumpkin because I like the taste it brings to the soup.

I always puree my soup because I like it thick and creamy but you could leave it thin and chunky if you prefer.

If it is to thick just add more stock or add milk when serving.

Vegetable Soup Crock Pot Recipe

Choose your own vegetables - but this is what I used this time - mainly because this is what I had on hand.

Half fill the crock pot with thick slices of zucchini.

Add 1 inch chunks of sweet potato (orange fleshed yam) and pumpkin till crock pot is three quarters full.

I then added 2 cups chicken stock and then enough water till it almost covered the vegetables.

Cook on low for 8-10 hours. Using a hand wand to 'whizz' it up into a puree. Enjoy.

I peeled the pumpkin but not the sweet spud - but you might prefer to.

Use chicken stock or vegetable stock or just water. I once tried beef stock and it was ok but I thought it was a bit strong - Neil did not seem to mind.

Mix 1 tsp of curry powder with enough water to make a thin paste and mix this into the pureed soup - for a delicious curry vegetable soup.


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