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Opps – Things that didn’t work

In 12 years of weekly Crock Pot cooking we have only had two stuff ups.

Now I am not going to admit fault ...... however, both times it was my time to cook.

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Opps #1
The roast went in as usually, the lid went on and off to work I went. That night I came home to the beautiful aroma of cooked roast beef. Yum! I through some vegies in the oven and made up the gravy.

Neil, came in, to carve the meat (I hate doing it and he does such a good job :-).

You know those little absorbent pad things they pack with meat. The plastic little things that absorb excess blood and moisture.

Well it had stuck to the bottom of the roast. And I did not see it when I put the roast in the Crock Pot. It had been slow cooking for 8 hours with my roast. Yuck.

That night we went vegetarian.

Opps #2
Recently, I was very busy and running around mad (madder than usual). So I put the corned meat in the Crock Pot, added the rest and filled with water.

Down the hall to work (working from home office). Now I should have realised. I should have noticed.

But 6 hours later, there were no smells wafting through the air. But did I realise – No. I went to the kitchen to check to see that everything was OK and Opps I had forgotten to turn the crock pot on. Argggh!

We had a late dinner and ended up cooking it on the stove top.

So you can see, that in all this time of using the Crock Pot we have not had any major dramas. And neither of us are professional cooks.

And Yes, if you are wondering, I am blonde ;-)


Things that WILL work

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