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Cut the Take Out

A long hard day at work. You get home and need dinner. Nothing in the fridge, nothing in the cupboard. Take-out again. The wallet just won’t comply much longer.


A long hard day at work (sorry can’t help with that one). You get home and mmmm, what is that aroma? Dinner! Smells delicious, your mouth is watering.

And no you didn’t go to the wrong home and no you are not dreaming. You arranged all this, in a few minutes this morning.

What I won the lotto and hired a personal chef?

Well no, not exactly – you got a Crock Pot. A Crock Pot? Yep, it’s a cooker that cooks your food over a slow heat. Put it on in the morning and dinner is ready at night.

Don’t think you’ve got time in the morning. Well you will be pleasantly surprised how quick it can be. Chuck in some veggies (frozen or pre-cut if really short on time), throw some meat on top, pour in a sauce, put on the lid and turn it on low. That’s it.

It truly is that easy. And the aroma of dinner when you walk in the door at night, it is sensational – better than any take out.

Happy Crock Cooking
Lisa – “The Crock Cook”
Crock Pot Recipes and everything else Crock Pot.

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