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Are you looking for easy crock pot recipes?

You will find all the recipes here easy. We feel that all crock pot recipes should be easy, otherwise it defeats the purpose of the crock pot.

For the simplest of the simplest look at our easy crock pot recipes index.

These are the basic starter recipes especially designed for the crock pot “Newbie”.

And for a new recipe or a new twist on an old favourite take a look at Our entire list of home cooked Crock Pot Recipes, you will find them easy and simple to use but more than that you will find them Yummy.


And for Easy Lamb recipes look below.


Index of Lamb Easy Crock Pot Recipes

Lamb and Mutton are delicious and full of flavour. This flavour is enhanced by the slow cooking of the Crock Pot.

You may wish to brown the lamb first, to reduce the amout of fat in the pot. However, as time is a premium, my suggestion is to just trim off the fat from lamb chops.

Apricot Curry Lamb
Easy Crock Pot Recipe
A delicious apricot and curry stew. This one will fill the kitchen with wonderful aromas.
Lamb Roast
Crock Pot Recipe
Roast Lamb is always a delight and this simple recipe is no exception.
Fruity Lamb Shanks
Crock Pot Recipe
Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks in a spicy, fruit sauce.
Japanese Crock Pot Lamb Chops
Savory lamb chops with a distinct Japanese flavor.
Lamb Stew with Spinach
Crock Pot Recipe
Delicious, delicious, delicious - this got the "make again" response.
Crock Pot Plum Roast Lamb The plum lamb crock pot recipe is delicious and would be great to serve at a dinner party.
Spiced Lamb Shanks
Crock Pot Recipe
Neil cooked these and I must admit, I thought they were going to be too spicy. But they are not, they are delicious.
Crock Pot Stuffed Roast Lamb An interesting stuffing brings a new dimension to this crock pot roast lamb.
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MORE Slow Cooker LAMB Recipes All the lamb recipes our visitors have sent us - we have not tried them but you our visitors have.
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