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If you lead a busy life, like we do than you need to know about Crock Pot Cooking.

This site is a collection of our thoughts, tips, articles and free crock pot recipes. All designed to help make cooking quicker and easier.

We have cooked, eaten and enjoyed all the recipes on this site – And if they don't pass our taste test, they don't get published – it's that simple.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Lisa and I must admit I love cooking. But only when I have time to really get down and dirty, to really enjoy it. And that seems hardly ever.

So my best friend in the kitchen (besides hubby) is the Crock Pot. Just grab all the ingredients, chuck them in and turn it on, as you rush out the door. Let it do the work and when you come home at night – wahla Dinner Done. Yummm

We (Neil my husband and I) got our Crock Pot for a wedding pressie about 12 years ago (jeez – time fly’s when your having fun). And although it now looks a bit worse for wear – the lids cracked, the light on the switch is blown and the outside is stained – there is not a week goes by that it does not get used and often more than once.

In fact, as I sit here writing, I can smell wafts of the curry beef crock pot recipe I am cooking in the crock pot tonight.

Happy Cooking
Lisa Paterson

PS Ever thought of working from home? I did, and it is now a reality thanks to my websites. Thank you Site Build It, you showed me how.


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