Holiday Crock Pot Dinner Tips

by Laura

First, thanks for supplying such a treasure trove of recipes.

Next, not that this is a new revelation but some might not think of it, a crock pot is a Godsend on holidays when there's not enough room on the stove to cook everything at once.

You don't have to cook the meal in the crockpot but it works amazingly well for keeping foods hot until ready to serve. I used one for my mashed potatoes, one for the mashed turnips, and one for the butternut squash.

Put the food in it while it's hot, set it on low and your ready to serve it when the rest of the meal is ready.

That way, I had the prep work all done and the pots they were cooked in all clean before starting other things on the stove.

Thanks Laura

Your tips are spot on and I will add them to our website, I'm sure all our visitors will enjoy them.

Just wondering how long have you successfully left the 'mash' in the crock pot on warm for?

Happy Cooking
Lisa "The Crock Cook"

Thanks for the reply, Lisa.

This year it was only for about an hour but I know I have left them longer in the past, probably about 2 hrs.

Since I have already put the butter in before putting them in the crock pot, I do need to stir it well before transferring to serving dishes because the butter tends to pool a bit on top.

Everything really tastes and looks like I just finished mashing.

I'm glad you think the tip is worth writing.

Love your web site.

My thanks to you Laura!

Happy Cooking
Lisa "The Crock Cook"

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It's really worth writing. Thanks, Laura! I've used your tips and shared with others. My granny is so fond of this! She's writing novels and says you inspired her to write a new one. It's just awesome.

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