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ALL the crock pot recipes on this site will work in your Rival Crock Pot®.

And you will find a delicious selection of Rival Crock Pot Recipes here to keep the family coming back for more. We have personally cooked and eaten all the recipes here at ww.a-crock-cook.com and if we don't like it, we don't share it with you.

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The History of the Crock Pot

Crock Pot® is the registered trade make of Rival. However it has become so well know that it has become the generic name for all cookers of this type. (Just like 'Kleenex®' for tissue and 'Band-aid®' for adhesive plaster.)

In late 1970, Rival acquired the assets of another company. And along with this acquisition was a little appliance called the 'Beanery'. It was a basic bean cooker. It was of white steel, with a glazed brown crock liner, and aluminium lid.

Cooks and chefs started to experiment with this little bean cooker. Soon they discovered that it cooked meat even better than beans. And the birth of the Rival Crock Pot® took place.

Want to know more about the Crock Pot?

Find out what a crock pot is. And look at the advantages of using the crock pot - you will want one.


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