Slow Cooker Bratwurst

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Visitor Recipe

"I have made Bratwurst with applesauce and spice to taste" - Thomas F of the United States.

"Put in a package of Bratwurst in your crock pot (High or it will never get done) and some applesauce. (Not too much or you'll get, well those of you with babies know...)

Some spices, like I put in a bit of ketchup in. I guess you could put in something spicier things like "Heinz 57" if you were feeling adventurous and had no stomach problems.

Oh, our crock pot takes about 4 hours for it to cook 5 links and the right amount of applesauce.

Fix vegetables and or potatoes along the side... THXS.

As far as I know nobody else has ever fixed Bratworst like this."

Well Thomas, you are probably correct in saying that but this bratwurst recipe sure does sound good.


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