Slow Cooker Chicken Dumplings

This recipe for slow cooker chicken dumplings was emailed to me by Daneka Y of the United States.

In her email she states that "my husband loves mine, hates his mom's" - so I'm guessing it's pretty good.

Neil and I have not cooked this recipe, though it does sound good.


Visitor Recipe
Easy Chiken and Dumplings 1 lb chicken
8 bullion cubes
6 c water
biscuit mix

mix the 1st 3 items in crock pot

cook till falling apart

mix other ingegedients to make dough

drop by spoonfull into the crock

cook 2 hrs stiring aproximately every 15 min

if you want it thicker try
a. add 1 can cream of chicken
b. add cornstarch mixed w water

BUT make sure you do this before adding the dumplings.


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